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barestrings are for the dogs, too!

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Get ready for your summer tea party with the dog, order matching barestrings necklace and collar for you both!

Great for any special occasion from walking the dog on the beach to party-style, your pup will get extra attention when you make your appearance in the colors of your choice.

HOW TO ORDER: Simply contact us to order with the colors and and size (not sure? we can guide you through the color selection process). For determining a size for your pup. simply remove their collar to measure and we ill add an extra inch or so for comfort and VIOLA!

Life is all about the all important fun factor so plan which outfit you may want to match with your pup's fancy new accessory from barestrings.

So many possibilities for colors to complement or really pop on your pet, we can work to find the perfect one for all your pets!

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